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The Signal

Saturday, February 12 @ 3:00pm
Recep Köse
Film Length
20 minutes

The Operation Cast Lead carried out by Israel on Palestine in 2009 almost destroys all infrastructure and facilities regarding health, education and all the other basic needs. Palestinians’ call for help doesn’t receive a solid answer internationally because of the embargo and blockade of Israel on Palestine and also the indifference of the world countries. This call of Palestinians is answered in 2010 by NGO’s from all corners of the world and they prepare humanitarian aid ships to sail to Gaza Strip. These ships that are going to use the Mediterranean Sea to reach Gaza will both be able to bring the humanitarian aid to Gaza and pierce through the blockade that was set by Israel. Naturally, one of the biggest components of this international organization is to announce it to the world. To be able to do so, well-known participants from various field such as politics, art, literature and many more were invited to this organization. Journalists come first in the list of the invited. Because the news network is broadcasted to the world via them. One of the greatest fears of Israel, on the other hand, is terrifying facts caused by their actions being on the world’s agenda. Knowing this, the organizators installed a live stream system onto the ship of Mavi Marmara that enables the journalists to be on air even when the ship is sailing. The short film “Signal” starts right in the middle of such an event.