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El DiCaprio de Corozopando

Monday, February 18 @ 10:00am
Luis Rahamut
Film Length
90 minutes

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To the south of the Guárico state is a not very well-known town called Corozopando. Gregorio, the mayor, has always wanted to bring world recognition to the tiny town. Although this pretension seems a chimera, one night the prophecy of a spirit or perhaps the mere chance, makes both Gregorio and the rest of the inhabitants place their hopes in the Rubén Darío child, imposing the destiny (or the responsibility) of bringing the fame to the town, calling it the DiCaprio de Corozopando. For his part, Rubén assumes this responsibility and under the gaze of innocence, he insists on doing everything possible to find his way in a town where everything he throws up falls like the corozo. A tree that when it grows, it buckles.