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Scenes from a Lifetime of Sick Days

Saturday, February 16 @ 7:00pm
Nick Gandolfo-Lucia
United States
Film Length
9 minutes

A boy is trapped in an empty suburban home with an illness that cannot be understood or appeased. “Scenes From a Lifetime of Sick Days” is a fragmented, lurching personal documentary about the endless and interchangeable days that he experiences while housebound by his illness. The morning finds him slow to rise and isolated by the weight of his body; in the afternoon he scrolls through endless forums of other mysteriously ill people searching for answers. This melancholic routine is undermined by spontaneous moments of joy and wry internal comedy. In the evening, an irredeemably playful Australian Shepherd named Linus coerces the boy into a game of tug of war. The encounter leaves the boy in a ruminative, figurative space. A flash of memories and possibilities ensues.